Sevencollection. Stay familiar with the Algarve.

Experience the Algarve and Atlantic coast with all your senses. Enjoy boundless freedom and pursue your personal leisure interests. Embark on exploration tours and return to a familiar place afterwards that feels just like home. We have created spaces for just such dreams.

Sustainable, authentic, sophisticated – always something different. Forever inspired by our respect for this beautiful region.

The Algarve is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Beside the beneficial climate and cuisine of the Atlantic coast, being able to live here means having the opportunity to slow down, enjoy the maritime nature and savour the Portuguese way of life. Almost everyone who visits will find themselves toying with the idea of simply staying forever. We were no different. And thus sevencollection was born.

Enchanting havens for savouring the best things in life.

It all began in Salema 25 years ago with our first little fisherman’s cottage. Today, it is the second and third generations, who refurbish and build individual properties on the Algarve. For those seeking their very own home away from home – so both holidaymakers and Portuguese natives alike. For a natural environment for which we all share responsibility.

Consciously sustainable. A declining fishing industry, the rural exodus and the natural generation change have led many old houses and properties to be abandoned. We try to preserve as much of the existing building as possible – down to the olive trees in the garden – to help secure the local future. We achieve this by using natural building materials sourced from the region, employing local tradesmen and service staff, and adhering to EU building regulations and energy standards.

Naturally authentic. Our properties blend harmoniously into the existing structures and the local area’s natural surrounds. They are subtly integrated into the picturesque setting in which overgrown plots are as much a feature as the traffic-free alleys.

Traditional Portuguese colours, forms and materials feature both inside and out: wood, linen, perforated brick, ceramic, sisal, wicker – lovingly accentuated with Moorish references and characteristic handicrafts.

- Annabell Pohl, Design

High expectations. Our properties offer different categories of accommodation, from basic to upmarket. All have been furnished with the same heart and soul, to the same high standards. Their hallmark also makes this clear: the facades and bathrooms are adorned with tiles inspired by Portuguese tile art and manufactured exclusively for the sevencollection properties according to our own designs. Look close enough and you may be able to make out the number seven.

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